Private policy and cookies

Privacy and Cookies Policy

In compliance with current legislation, we hereby inform you that any data you provide will be included in a file managed by the Hotel or service where you made the reservation and by SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L. for the following purpose:

  • Managing bookings and services.
  • Sending you commercial notifications relating to the products and services of the SELENTA GROUP.

And for any other purposes developed and offered by SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L to improve the service to its users.

Your details will be used solely for the purposes deriving from the services you subscribe or request when your data is collected, and you will be informed at that time of any specific conditions that may prevail in each case, and of the optional data and the minimum compulsory data without which registration and use of the services would be impossible.

By providing their personal data using the various forms, the users accept and expressly consent to their processing in the terms and conditions and for the purposes described. All commercial electronic communication must be sent in compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and solely with prior authorisation from the users.

The users declare they have read and expressly accepted this Privacy Policy when they registered or when using any of the digital services (e-commerce, websites, apps and others), and grant their unequivocal and express consent to SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L to process their data for the purposes and services described herein.

The users are responsible for all the information provided, and expressly declare as follows:

  • The information provided relates to their person, and is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the users; the hotel and SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L shall be held harmless from any liability arising therefrom.
  • All the personal information provided by the users must be accurate and up-to-date, guaranteeing the authenticity of any information supplied through the data collection forms. In any event, users shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and any damage caused to SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L or to third parties as a result of false or inaccurate information or details provided without suitable authorisation or supplied to procure the use of the services offered.
  • It is prohibited to include any personal details referring to ideology, trade union membership, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual behaviour and, should this be the case, SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L. reserves the right to delete such details.
  • The personal data to which SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L has access shall not be subject to any inappropriate or illegal use, or used for purposes other than those intended, or reproduced, transferred, amended or transformed.
  • The users are responsible for any potential contingencies arising in relation to intellectual property, data protection and the safeguarding of honour and intimacy, as a consequence of any contents they may have added.
  • If users provide personal details belonging to third parties, they declare that such details are true and that they have informed these parties and gained the consent of the parties whose details are being provided to the processing of these data in the same terms and conditions notified to the users and to which they have agreed in this privacy policy.

In the case that, as a result of the users’ failure to comply with the obligations arising from the LOPD (Spanish Data Protection Law) or its implementing regulation,SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L. is sanctioned via an administrative procedure, the users agree to pay SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L the sum of such sanctions from the time they are levied by the authorities, in addition to the immediate payment of any corresponding expenses after receiving notification to this effect from SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L

To revoke your consent at any time, and to exercising your right of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition, please apply in writing to Selenta Hospitality Group: Dpto. CRM – Avenida Diagonal 662-664, Planta 2ª, Módulo D, 08034, Barcelona, or else by e-mail to

SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy in compliance with the personal data legislation applicable at any time. Any change in this legislation will be published on the website for consultation by all interested parties.

Users will be notified of any significant amendments to the privacy policy by e-mail or through the communications channels provided by the users, so they can renew their authorisation and consent to the processing of data requested when they registered for the Hotel services with SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L.


Cookie policy

In compliance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform you that Expohoteles’ digital services use cookies.

A cookie is a file downloaded and stored on your computer to allow us, among others, to store and recover information on users’ browsing habits or computer usage. The information contained in these files and the way of using the computers provide keys to recognising the users. Our portal can only set cookies in your browser when your browser preferences allow.

We use cookies for:
a) Operational reasons, such as balancing and limiting traffic to guarantee the service.
b) Ease of use: to make the portal more user-friendly, by customising the website, language, country, browser, and so on.
c) Analysing the use of the services, and
d) Commercial reasons: to display our own or other advertisers’ targeted advertisements depending on the browsing habits of each user, in addition to monitoring the efficiency of such advertising.

The third-party analytics and advertising cookies we use on our portal are:

  • Google Analytics: Analytical cookies that anonymously collect information on user traffic and behaviour on the website. You can find more information here.
  • Other third-party analytics and advertising cookies that may occasionally be used to see web traffic, the services consulted, origin of the logon, or to recover the details of users who have failed to complete their booking correctly. These cookies have a maximum validity of one month in the users’ systems.

These third-party cookies provide us with services to analyse the audience and advertising. These companies may use these data to improve their own services and to offer services to other companies.

The use of third-party cookies is subject to the privacy policies of these parties, and not to the Privacy Policy of SELENTA HOSPITALITY GROUP, S.L.

Cookies are set whenever users authorise their installation on their browsers, both on its pages and on linked pages or pages referenced by links. Their data and behaviour profiles are only used to provide the services pertaining to our portal.

Users who do not wish to receive cookies, who wish to restrict the installation of certain cookies or to be informed of the setting of cookies can configure their browsers for this purpose. You can block or delete these cookies at any time by setting your browser options. The instructions for managing cookies in the most common browsers can be found at the following links:

  • Internet Explorer, for instructions on managing cookie settings, click here
  • Firefox, for instructions on managing cookie settings, click here
  • Google Chrome, for instructions on managing cookie settings, click here
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