A luxurious modern hotel in Barcelona

Luxury alone doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I am attracted to unique, irreplaceable and timeless experiences. To new feelings and awakenings. And to that which is truly exclusive and within the reach of only a few.

I am an idea, a concept, the response to a need. I’m a universe in which you’ll always find what you desire. Because you change throughout the day. You’re not always the same person and I change with you. I’m the place where you’ll always find something new, something surprising, something inspiring. I also happen to be a unique hotel in Barcelona.


If you just look for a well-decorated room with a magnificent view bath, don’t come


Wish is one of my best kept secrets.
A place where you’ll receive personalised attention throughout your stay.

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I Am The Pool

Service available coming soon.

An exclusive urban and cosmopolitan beach club where you can bathe in the impressive pool surrounded by manicured gardens, lounge on the comfortable hammocks or relax on the sophisticated Balinese beds throughout the afternoon

I Am Wellness

If you’re looking to escape, I’m the answer. Let me show you a range of offers that will take you to faraway places, invading your senses and transporting your body and mind. I know how to stop time, to create a moment of absolute relaxation and well-being.

After discovering, and letting yourself be surprised, lose and find yourself, you sometimes need a moment to unwind, release some energy, a break before continuing…

Feel how the Mediterranean fills you with peace the moment you enter. How time stops when your massage begins, or when you dip your toes in the water and it is the perfect temperature. Flavours, essences and sensations that define a universe of exclusivity dedicated to pleasure, where you are unique. This is your Oasis.