Luxury rooms and suites in Barcelona for an unforgettable stay

I Am Your Room

If you’re looking for something beyond design and technology; if to you well-being means more than just square metres; if you know that the finishing touches make all the difference; and if you yearn for breathtaking views from the window – then SOFIA Barcelona is what you’ve always desired.

A room with a balanced, harmonious design that’s full of details and adapts to the early mornings and endless nights of Barcelona.

Floors 1 to 6
22 – 39m2

A cosmopolitan-style room in Barcelona with contemporary furnishings and an impressive central mirror, the absolute star of the décor.

Floors 1 to 6
29 – 32m2

A luxury room that offers a fascinating panorama of the city, framed with magnificent finishes in marble, wood and gold tones for those looking for something truly unique in Barcelona.

Floors 7 to 16
22 – 39m2

The So Sweet is synonymous with reaching for the stars. A spacious junior suite in Barcelona with exclusive finishes and unparalleled views from which you can discover the city.

Floors 12 and up
40 – 60m2


Wish is one of my best kept secrets.
A place where you’ll receive personalised attention throughout your stay.

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