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SOFIA - I am the night - ZUU Music

Between the inmost and the indiscreet.
Between the unexpected and the improbable.
As rehearsed as spontaneous.
As restrained as wild.
As painful as pleasant.

Welcome to the unpredictable.

I am the mystery that lies between the familiar and the unknown. A place without limits, a space tinted in burgundy with flashes of gold, a play of light and shadow. I am a rebel and a hostess, I exist between the contained and the excessive. A place to see and be seen, to lose and to find yourself, where performances, cuisine, and music create truly unexpected moments. Because I can awaken your darker side and seduce you like no one else has before.


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SOFIA - I am the night - ZUU 02
SOFIA - I am the night - ZUU 03

From midnight onward, I offer you hours full of beauty where nothing is forbidden. Chemistry and sensuality, dances and encounters.

I am the hostess of this marvellous party where natural instincts take over, a bold and unique space in Barcelona to sip a glass of wine and let the music carry you away. This is my night, and you will be my guest.

I am a live dinner experience

My show goes well beyond the stage. It crosses the footlights and takes over every table in the restaurant, spreading its wild spirit to every corner. A unique blend of dancers, actors, and singers share the spotlight with a sophisticated culinary experience where my conquest begins.

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SOFIA - I am the night - ZUU Dinner

I am an unexpected event

I can be whatever you want me to be. I can become an exclusive experience, perfect for those seeking a surprising event in a spectacular place in Barcelona.

Because ZUU is a spectacle in itself: mysterious decor, an audacious show, a fantastic culinary world, and a vibrant production that never fails to fascinate its visitors.

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We advise you that the entrance to children under the age of 18 will not be permitted due to legal restrictions.


Entry from 12:00 am.

(Only Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

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